Singapore Personal Loans!!

Couple Shopping Online With Bags On SofaYou must have heard the saying “Money makes the world go round.” surely it is so. Money plays a very important role in our life. There may come a time in your life when you are not financially stable and need to way to get back on top. Exactly for this kind of situation, there are banks that help out people in their time of need.

POSB is a part of the fabric of the community and society of Singapore, and is always happy to help you achieve your goals and dreams of life. It has served generation after generation of countless Singaporeans and was once the biggest private home loan provider in Singapore. Similar to this DBS also provides loans, they are one of the biggest Singapore housing loan provider. The rates at DBS are one of the best in all of Singapore. Many other banks will help you get a personal loan like HSBC Singapore and ANZ Singapore. You may check out loan insurance scheme from IE Singapore for more information. [Read more…]

Singapore Personal Loan to Help a Friend

Boyfriend handing over credit cardI have had the very same best friend since I was six years old. Her name is Magda, and we both grew up in the same building together. Her flat was directly below mine, and at night, we used to stick our heads out of our bedroom windows and talk to each other before we went to sleep. Magda is one year younger than me now, but she was recently diagnosed with a terrible illness. We went to university together and everything, and we are so very close. It pains me to see her distress, but she tells me that something can be done; she just needs funds for a specific medical treatment.

The problem is that I do not have funds. I cannot help her right away, but I want to so badly. I know that she can use the help, and the treatment has been proven to work if it is done in a timely manner. Up until last night, I was at a complete loss as to what to do. Where would I find the money to help my closest friend since childhood? I ended up talking a walk to clear my head, and I ended up at the library, where I started to do some research online about personal loans Singapore and found out that there are many moneylenders in Singapore that offer different type of loans. One of them is the Tote Board Microcredit Scheme which provides business loan to low income individuals. [Read more…]

Singapore Personal Loan for a Family Holiday

???????????????????????????????????????????????????My family and I always took family holidays together when my brother and sister and I were little. Even if it was just a day or two holiday to the seaside, my mother and father made sure to provide their children with memorable trips that we could have as keepsakes. With a new baby and another one on the way, my wife and I want to continue the tradition that my parents started. We want to take our family on a holiday to a countryside cottage where we will stay for a week. It’s nothing too fancy or outlandish, but it will be a wonderful way to spend time together and get out of the city for a while.

As you can imagine, however, financially, times are tough. The new baby has been expensive, and she has had some medical problems that have cost us extra, with specialists and trips in and out of London, etc. My wife is expecting soon, so we are expecting more bills to come as well. We really want to take this family holiday before things around the house get too hectic, but the expense of it has been weighing on my mind. It’s not only the cost of the small cottage, the food we will need to purchase and the added expense of petrol going to and from the countryside, it’s the fact that neither of us will be working during this time. Plus we are trying to save for the baby. [Read more…]